This package is available on PyPi, so you can install the latest stable release and its dependencies with a simple pip call:

$ pip install meta-package-manager

See also pip installation instructions.


*mpm*, the Python module, is not the same as meta-package-manager. Only the later provides the mpm CLI per-se. The former has nothing to do with the current project.

Shell completion

Completion for popular shell rely on Click feature.

Add this to ~/.bashrc:

eval "$(_MPM_COMPLETE=bash_source mpm)"

Alternatively, export the generated completion code as a static script to be executed:

$ _MPM_COMPLETE=bash_source mpm > ~/.mpm-complete.bash

Then source it from ~/.bashrc:

. ~/.mpm-complete.bash

Python dependencies

FYI, here is a graph of Python package dependencies:

Meta Package Manager dependency graph