BitBar Plugin

A copy of the latest stable version of the BitBar plugin for mpm is always available on BitBar website and plugin repository.

Bitbar plugin with default layout. Bitbar plugin with submenu layout.

Development constraints

BitBar plugins are self-contained scripts. As such, the needs to be able to run without any extra dependency, on the pre-installed Python distribution that ships with macOS.

BitBar itself requires Mac OS X Lion or newer (>= 10.7). So this plugin is supposed to run smoothly with Python 2.7.1 or newer.

Development workflow

Active development of the plugin is happening here, as a side-project of mpm itself.

Releases of the plugin is synchronized with the package. Both share the exact same version to simplify management. This explain why the plugin could appears jumpimg ahead of a couple of major/minor version while providing tiny or no changes at all.

A release is ready when both the package and the plugin reach a stable state.

If the plugin has been changed between releases, a copy of the plugin is pushed to the official BitBar plugin repository.

Release process

  1. Fork the official BitBar plugin repository.

  2. Fetch a local copy of the fork:

    $ git clone
    $ cd bitbar-plugins
  3. Create a new branch and switch to it:

    $ git branch meta-package-manager-v230
    $ git checkout meta-package-manager-v230
  4. Replace existing copy of the plugin with the latest tagged version:

    $ wget
    $ mv ./ ./Dev/MetaPackageManager/
    $ chmod 755 ./Dev/MetaPackageManager/
  5. Commit the new plugin:

    $ git add ./Dev/MetaPackageManager/
    $ git commit -m 'Upgrade to Meta Package Manager plugin v2.3.0.'
  6. Push new branch:

    $ git push --set-upstream origin meta-package-manager-v230
  7. Create a pull-request in the original repository.